How To Get It

You can download the epark app by visiting or by searching for "Wilson epark" for iPhone in the App Store.

How to Register

Now you've installed epark, what do you do next?

1. Open the App.
2. If you haven't used epark before, click on "Sign Up", and enter your details.
3. After entering your details, click "Sign Up". You will be asked to confirm you agree with the epark terms and conditions, and terms and conditions displayed in the car park.

Registering your Debit/Credit Card

After you've entered your details and clicked on "Sign Up", you'll arrive at the secure Debit Card / Credit Card page. Enter your card details and click "Proceed". The App charges your Debit or Credit Card at the end of each parking session. FYI - Our secure credit card payment system is operated by Advam, a Tier 1 payment processor, providing the safest ways to pay for your parking. Wilson Parking does not have access to your credit card information.

How to Start Parking

You're now in our Start Screen. Ensure your Rego # is correct or tap it to change for this parking session. Then tap "Please choose a carpark" and choose the site where you are located. To select the correct site, simply click on the Dropdown Box List to find a list of nearby sites you can chose from, or you can click on the Maps button which will open up a map view to allow you to choose your site. The rates signage within the car park should have the appropriate site number on it as well. You can confirm the name of the Car Park on top of the Rates Board by the pay machines. Eg. PER006

Earlybird Parking Start

Note: The EarlyBird Parking START button will only be available if the product is available at that time in that car park.

Earlybird Confirm And Clock

After the Earlybird Parking START button has been selected, a confirmation screen will be displayed requesting to confirm your parking or you can cancel, or press OK to confirm.

Once OK is pressed, the above screen is displayed to provide you with a countdown clock for your parking session. At the end of the session you can either vacate the car park or simply start another casual parking session.

Casual Parking Start

For Casual Parking, simply ensure you are in the correct car park and you are using the same rego number (or tap on it to change) and hit START MY PARKING.

Confirmation Screen

The Confirmation screen will appear. You can either click on CANCEL to exit or hit OK to select parking.

Casual Parking Timer

The Casual Parking Timer will appear advising you how long you have parked for. This will remain active until the you press STOP MY PARKING. For extended periods, the app will work out the best rate to charge the parker.

Stop Screen

After STOP MY PARKING has been pushed, the confirmation screen appears confirming the parking session has ended and also confirming the amount your credit card will be charged.

Multiple Session

The App now allows you to have multiple long term sessions running with all the normal notifications you would expect advising you when the session is about to expire. You can view your running sessions, on the bottom left corner session tab. Prepaid session's no longer require you to press stop to end the session. As it is a prepaid session the system knows when the expiry is, and will notify you based on your notifications settings when this is about to expire.

This area allows you to view your long term sessions to see how long you have remaining at a particular site.

You can only have one casual session running at any one time and the casual session has been described above. If the timer is not displayed you can select the casual session identified with the arrow within the session list on the session screen. This opens the timer and allows you to stop the session or view the length of stay you have been at the site.

More Options

More options will automatically show at a car park if the car park has other products available to choose from, like evening, or longer stay durations.

You can select the desired option and use the back arrow on the top left corner to land back at the home screen to continue the process of selecting and paying for your prepaid product parking.

Options Screen

If the Settings button is pushed, you may:
1. Change your password or update your account details.
2. Update your credit/debit card account details.
3. Manage your license plate numbers.
4. How often the Casual Parking reminders are sent or how long before an Earlybird parking session shall end you wish to be reminded. By Default this is 15 minutes.
5. View the mobile help screen page.

Failed Payments

If your credit card has expired or perhaps you've done a bit too much shopping on your credit card, your parking session or payment may decline.

A pop-up box shall appear each time you try and restart a new session allowing you to retry your existing credit card or to update your account with a new credit card. You may also call our control centre and make a payment over the phone by clicking on "Call Wilson Parking".

If you update your credit card, you'll then be given the opportunity to retry your transaction. Upon successful payment, your account is automatically reactivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why epark? With epark, you have complete control of your parking from your smartphone.
No more queuing in the rain or sun to pay for your parking!
No more annoying trips between your vehicle and a pay machine! Just park and go!
No more lugging around and storing coins!
No more inserting credit cards at the pay machine and waiting forever for it to process!
No more guessing how long you may need to park for! Only pay for what you use!
No more overpaying – the average person paying by coin or credit card overpays by approximately 25% to avoid parking infringements.

Afraid of forgetting to STOP your parking session,? Don't be! epark can send you reminders periodically. Scared of overstaying the earlybird time frame? Don't be! epark allows you to top up your parking remotely on your phone!

Is there a certain period of time I have to sign up to epark for?
No, epark has no binding contract period. Simply download the app, sign up and use it when you need it.

Which credit/debit cards does epark accept?
Mastercard, Visa and American Express (Amex).

How does the Parking Officer know I have an active parking session on epark?
As soon as you select start, our officers' monitoring devices are instantly sent your license plate details, what car park you are in and whether your parking session is active. It's not only more efficient, but being paperless you're helping us save the planet! Should you ever have any issues, please let us know and we can confirm your active parking session through our real-time Transaction Cloud.

Is my Login the same as my Book A Bay Login?
No, you'll need to create a new Login for epark as it operates from a separate secure server designed specifically for smartphones and tablets.

How do I view my Transaction History or get a GST Invoice?
To view your transactions within the app under the TRANSACTIONS menu tab at the bottom of your device screen, and select the transactions you wish to be sent via email in PDF format. Invoices are automatically sent once a transaction has been completed, however this function can be turned off in the OPTIONS menu. You can also click on the My Account link on the epark front page or visit for your account details. Here you can view your transaction history, print invoices etc. You can use your epark app login to access this information.

Where can I use epark?
epark is now available at all Wilson Parking "Pay and Display" car parks in VIC, SA and WA - the kind where you traditionally park your vehicle, pay money at a pay machine, and display a ticket on your dashboard.

Can I use epark at car parks with a boom gate?
Currently you can only use epark at Pay & Display car parks. For boom gated car parks, the most tech savvy and efficient way to park is with or a Platinum Park card.

Do I have to use epark to park at a Wilson "pay and display" car park?
No, the existing pay machines will remain so you can continue using them.

Can I use multiple vehicles with epark?
Yes. You can run multiple active sessions, and you can store multiple license plates as well as choosing which license plate is your default. You simply tap on the license plate in the HOME or OPTIONS screens to change it.

What happens if the App says I have an active session but the Start Screen is showing?
This rarely occurs, but if it does, simply close the App (through your phone's Task Manager) and restart and the Timer Screen will again show your active session. Restarting your device will also solve this issue.

What if I can't find the Stop button?
Again, you phone just needs to be refreshed – restart the App.

What happens if I accidentally exit the App or my phone goes dead?
The App shall keep your session active as it is Cloud based. When you reopen the App, if you have an active session the Timer screen shall appear and your parking shall still be active.

Why am I not receiving the Push Notifications?
Push notifications require the Application Manager's notification settings to be turned on. In Android, go to the Apps Icon, Settings, scroll down to Application Manager, select epark, then ensure the Notifications box is checked. For iOS, tap Settings, tap Notifications, scroll down to epark and select, then slide across Allow Notifications. Note - Push notifications are dependent on your network provider. If you are receiving data by WiFi, you will also need to ensure that the Push Notifications are not being stopped by a firewall.

What if I park as an earlybird but forget when the parking session ends?
By default, epark send you a reminder 15 minutes before a parking session is due to finish. This means, if indeed you are not going to make it back to your vehicle in time, you have the option to start a new casual parking session after the earlybird finishes.

Is there a transaction cost involved with using epark?
Yes, a $0.50 transaction fee applies for each parking session. This tends to be less than other providers who charge on a % per transaction basis. If you park as an earlybird, and then realise you won't make it back in time and need to start a casual parking session after your earlybird finishes, you will be charged another $0.50 transaction fee. Bear in mind though that the alternative is either going all the way back to your vehicle to buy and display another ticket (inconvenient), or risking receiving a parking breach (costly).

How do I change my account information?
This can be easily done within the epark app, or by calling customer service on 1300 726 702, then selecting option 3.

Is the credit card system secure?
Our secure credit card payment system operated by Advam is a Tier 1 payment processor which provides the most stringent industry accreditations including PCI compliance and EMV certification.

If my employer pays my mobile phone bills, can I register for epark?
Absolutely! Parking is charged to your credit card, not your mobile phone account

As an epark user, what are my responsibilities?
You are responsible for commencing and finishing your own parking sessions. You are responsible for ensuring that the car park you select in the app is indeed the car park you are actually parked in (you can check the car park code on the rate board near the pay machine at any Wilson car park). If your phone is lost or stolen, you need to let us know ASAP so we can prevent your account from being abused.

It sounds too good to be true. What is the catch?
There is a catch. We want you to love our epark app so much that it's the only way that you pay for your parking. So when you go out for dinner or perhaps do a spot of shopping on the weekend, you use the App to find your nearest epark site. And it really is that easy, you'll keep using it and will probably even show your friends and colleagues.

Should you have any issues, questions or suggestions, you can contact us on 1300 726 702 or email us on